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Landscape photography is a passion of mine.  It connects me to the seasons, the weather, the light and the hidden corners of the earth.  It makes me come alive when all those elements come together and I am able to create my own art that I am proud of.  And that is what photography is all about - creating your own art that you are proud of.  

I used to be a terrible photographer.  I tried and tried to take great photos, but I was never truly happy with my results.  So I poured my efforts iinto years of research and developed the Photography Transformation Four-Step System.  This changed EVERYTHING for me because I finally had a step-by-step system that I could use every time I took a picture.  This system has been used by thousands of photographers worldwide who are now able to take their own award-winning photos...and you can do the same thing.

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Every one of these photos has a story behind it.  A story that is a part of me.  And that is what photography means to me because it is part of the story of my life.

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